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Araby Search Gadget

I was trying to make a Gadget for Vista sidebar, and this is what I came up with, the Araby Search Gadget.

These Gadgets are like small software, not electronic kind of Gadget 🙂

Araby is a new cool search engine which I think is promising for Arabic content searching. I heard about the people who are working on it, and they seem to be good.

This Gadget can be installed in Windows Vista or in your Live.com account(I didn’t try it on web!).

If you would like to develop your own Microsoft Gadget, take a look here. It is not that hard!

You can find my Araby Search Gadget on Microsoft’s web site here.

I know not many of you is using Windows Vista (Including me!, tried it.), but I thought maybe some body might find this helpful.

Have fun 😉