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Remote Controlled Car via Internet!

Remote Controlled Car via Internet - Screenshot by Hasan Bazerbashi :)
The admin of this project says it was online since 7 years! So maybe some of you might find this pretty old news, but I thought some people like me doesn’t know about it 🙂

It was fun, and I played with it for about 10 min 😛 It really works.
I got you a close up on the car in the picture 🙂

Quoting from the author:

Hows this work?

The car is a Tyco Super Rebound (circa 00-01) . Video is
provided by a JVC SVHS Camcorder and captured via a BrookTree 848 svideo refrence/eval card. It is all run on an old Linux box. Vcar is currently located in the office of my employer Trusonic Inc in San Diego, CA.

Check the battery level before you say it is not working 😉 … and if it was away that means the man is charging the car. Have fun.

Play with it here.

Cya 😉

Hasan Bazerbashi


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Heh 😀