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Move project to another Visual Studio Online account

Let’s say you have a project source hosted in your private Visual Studio Online (Team Foundation Service) account and you want to move it to another account. The easiest way I found is to connect to the new account from Visual Studio (File->Connect to Team Project) and add the items to the source control:

TFS Add Items

Assuming you already have the source on your computer, just select them to be added. Also It will ask you to map a new work space for this new source:

TFS Map WorkSpace

Hit finish and then you are ready to check in the files.

I’ve been using Visual Studio Online for few months now since it was in beta when it was called Team Foundation Service and I totally love it!

The service gives you the ability to collaborate for free for up to 5 members and then you need to license users. I used it to collaborate with a friend and it gave us great help and it was very easy to use. Even though it is great for collaboration but I think you can use it also on your own for good maintenance.