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Grilled Chicken breast with Lemon and Thyme

Growing Thyme at home inspired me to cook something.

I opened the fridge and decided to use whatever I find.


  • 1/2 Kilo of skinless boneless Chicken breast
  • 2 Lemons
  • 3 spoons Olive oil
  • Pepper and Salt
  • 1 tea spoon of smashed garlic
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Flour (Decided not to use it)


I though it would taste good if I soak the Chicken with Lemon, so I squeezed a Lemon and a half into a plastic bag to soak the Chicken in it. Before that I splashed the Chicken breast with some salt and pepper. After that I placed the Chicken in the bag with some fresh Thyme leafs.


And I left it in the fridge for about an hour.

When it was cooking time I spilled the olive oil on the pan and was heating it up on low fire, because I know olive oil gets hot quickly. Now it is garlic time. I love garlic, actually I love eating it but not getting it ready to be eaten. Thankfully my dear wife has already smashed some garlic and was stored in the fridge. Phew!

I tossed the garlic in the pan and moved them around till they started getting brown. Then I took the Chicken out of the plastic bag and started cooking it. I also spilled the Lemon which was left in the bag into the pan. Kept on flipping the Chicken until the Lemon and olive oil almost completely dried and the Chicken was brown. Yum! The smell was awesome! Oh writing this now made drool 🙂


After the grilling was done I sprayed around some more fresh not cooked Thyme and squeezed the left half of Lemon over the Chicken. That’s set! It is now ready. To add more to the dish I just fried some french fries and I’m done.



I never did a big meal before, no bigger than a Burger with french fries, but I was happy about the results and my wife approve too 😀



Well I wanted to test WordPress for iPhone. Seems nice for mobile blogging.

Above is what I’m drinking. Home grown Thyme! Yup. It’s awesome for when having a flu and to refresh the respiratory system.

So this new WordPress iPhone app might actually get me blogging more.



Thanks to Allah I got married to the most beautiful lady 😀

This is the biggest thing in my life and there is nothing like it…

I hope everyone would have the chance to have this too.


My new vHome

Hello all,

Yes I’ve been away for some time, and now I’m back with my new Virtual Home 🙂 so make your self at home and take a look around. You’re welcome.

See you 😉


Kilo of dust on my blog :P

Eh! it’s been a while since I blogged … man .. it’s pretty dusty in here! 🙂

So what’s up?

Ya summer came swimming, tanning and stuff is really fun … but man I feel down when I see a lot of poor girls wearing cut down clothes, poor them they doesn’t have enough money to buy new not cut up clothes ….. =D hehehe!

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but this summer I’m seeing lot and lot of Engagements going on! Is this is like some kind of wave coming or what :P?

And oh ya! Finally I dumbed my old Nokia 6600 mobile and got Nokia E70, and it is very nice! Maybe I will write my impression about some time later some my fellas who are looking about users review about this mobile would find something.

Cya 😉


10 simple pleasures of mine

Rula tagged me:)!

The tag is list 10 simple pleasures of mine, so I will list anything cross my mind quickly.

  1. The smell of Jasmine while I’m walking to work in the morning.
  2. A nice meal (Shawrma make my day any time :P).
  3. Gadgets!
  4. Make a smile on somebody’s face.
  5. Have Nescafe in the morning with a peace of biscuit.
  6. Go out with friends.
  7. Take a nice photo of anything.
  8. Health and Life.
  9. Watching some nice movie.
  10. News/Conversation from/with the special some one!

That was a quick list.

Now time to tag some people!
I tag GrayFox, Omar, and NK2(3ala rasi el shaghoor walla:D).

You have to list 10 simple pleasures and the rules are as follows:
a. You have to use the picture in my post.
b. You have to list exactly 10 points.
c. You have to tag 3 bloggers when you are done.