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Continue interrupted Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 installation

If you were installing the new Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 and the setup interrupted by bad Internet connection or some other reason; you can continue the process by running the update again but from the command line with the option of /repair like this:

vs2015.2.exe /repair

Then the repair starts:

vs2015 update 2

vs2015 update 2

To get to the command line quickly and make it point to the correct location of your file you can use SHIFT + Right Click then choose Open Command window here:

Open Command Here

Open Command Here

I like Windows 10 shortcuts 🙂


Make Connectify work with Avast

Recently I updated Connectify to version 3.1 and it just stopped working.

After sometime of trial and error I found out that Avast Antivirus(I have Avast Internet Security) was blocking some essential ports which Avast uses.

Basically what needs to be done are two things:

  1. Enable the Internet Sharing mode in the Firewall settings

    Enable Sharing Mode

  2. Enable some Firewall packet rules for the application ConnectifyNetServices.exe

    Enable some Packet Rules

That’s set, your ready Smile go ahead and try it.


Closing unnecessary Windows Services for more RAM

After upgrading my old machine, I started installing my Development tools. One of the tools I use is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for creating Databases and Business Intelligence. From my experience that tool is not very CPU or RAM friendly 🙂 . It runs a lot of services like the Reporting service, Integration Services…etc.

I didn’t want these services to hog the computer for normal usage, so I created a simple batch file to close these unnecessary service.

To create a batch file just create a new empty text file and rename it to have the extension .bat.

In my batch file I’m shutting down MS SQL Server services and VMWare services:

net stop VMAuthdService
net stop VMnetDHCP
net stop “VMware NAT Service”
net stop “VMUSBArbService”
net stop SQLWriter
net stop SQLBrowser
net stop SQLAgent$MSSQLSERVER2008
net stop MSSQLFDLauncher$MSSQLSERVER2008
net stop MsDtsServer100
net stop ReportServer$MSSQLSERVER2008

Note that the SQL Services’ names are probably different on your machine. It depends on what did you call your Database’s instance name.

Here is a list of SQL Server services names.

To start the services again, just create another batch file and use “net start” instead of “net stop”.


Synaptic or apt-get through a proxy

If you are like me behind a Microsoft ISA server proxy on a domain network or any other type of proxy, you will find problems getting the Linux applications Synaptic package manager or apt-get to work.

The best way I came across to solve this issue is to use a software called ntlmaps.

This application is a proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM protocol. This is useful when you start getting error “Error 407 Proxy Authentication Required” which drove me crazy the whole day!

I’m using Ubuntu as my Linux OS. If you were able to make Firefox work so you can go to , select your Ubuntu edition , browse all packages and look for ntlmaps, download it and install it.

After that open the file /etc/ntlmaps/server.cfg and make sure you fill the parameters correctly such as the Listening port (The port to use in the proxy) NT_HOSTNAME (Which is the Domain Controller’s computer name on the network) and NT_Domain.

After that configure the Network proxy to use your new proxy for example:

Good luck 😉


Vista DVI problem

This is how I solved a problem which a lot of people are facing when they try connecting Windows Vista computer to a Flat Panel like LCD through the DVI output – you get “No Signal” or such a message from your TV.

I did a lot of research about this, and it seems to be the problem is in Vista drivers and how it handles DVI. If the LCD have VGA it would be much easier since the VGA is Plug and Play.

Microsoft promised to fix this bug with SP1. Now SP1 is out and seems it didn’t really fix the problem! At least it didn’t for me when I was trying to connect the computer with a 52″ Sharp LCD through DVI.

I tried updating the Graphics’s card driver, didn’t help. Tried to use a program called PowerStrip to define custom resolutions to be compatible with the LCD, also didn’t help.

At the end, I replaced the DVI cable with “DVI -> HDMI” cable, and finally it did work!

I didn’t remove the PowerStrip software, because I think I need to use it to define a custom resolution for the big LCD.


Surf the Internet and blog on mobile!

I think everything is going mobile, and Opera Mini is one very nice piece of software for your mobile! I totally love it!

It works on many mobile types, check this place here for officially supported devices: HERE

This Mini browser has many features I liked, but there is one which is really impressive which is server side compression! Which means the content which you want to view are very much compress thus less traffic and less payment for the Internet service on the mobile.

Also the new Opera Mini has a cool feature which makes it very easy to make a photo, and I already started using it! Look HERE.

And if you are one these people who love RSS feeds, there is RSS reader included in this great browser.

Still all of that not enough for you? Get this, IT IS FREE!

Get Opera Mini and start having fun 😉