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Thoughts about smart phones operating systems

We are becoming very dependent on our mobile devices. They are being used on a daily basis for communications, getting tasks done and even for entertainment.

Google has a nice video here to give you an insight of how important the mobile devices are becoming.

Mobile devices comes in many different shapes and styles, but I think what is more important than the hardware is its operating system.


Dead! I have used Symbian ever since I got my first mobile. They were the best back then and until just recently. But Nokia had to make a change and now they are tied with Windows Phone 7.


Pretty much a copy cat! Maybe this is a bit harsh, but this what I really think. Of course I mean copying iOS. Same grid of icons style and many other things. The only cool thing I see about Android is how easy it is to customize everything. Heck, I can even replace the SMS app! Which personally never thought of it before. At the end I feel it is clunky and more geek oriented. Not very much for the normal user. Many analysis companies predicting its dominance in the future. In my opinion that is because it is free. Free for the hardware companies to install it on their devices. Which make them able of shipping many kinds of hardware with Android system. Still, I don’t like the user experience with it.

As for developing for Android you use sort of Java. Probably will use Eclipse or what ever IDE you like.

Coming from .NET development, I didn’t like it! The IDE compared to Visual Studio is just lame.

Windows Phone 7

I was so excited when I heard Microsoft are working on a new version of their mobile system which will be done from scratch. And I think they delivered. They came out with a unique design and user experience. They didn’t just imitate other operating systems! You really feel that they had researchers who worked to study each aspect of it. For example, you can see here how they had a team to research the best way to make a virtual on screen keyboard.

Windows Phone 7 now is still a version 1 which means it still lacks some stuff and behind more mature operating systems such as Android and iOS. Also seems to have restrictions on developers more than what iOS had when it was out.

As Microsoft promised in Mix 11 event, all of these issues will be address with Mango update which is probably coming out on September 2011.

As for developing for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft got the best tools for it, and they are free!

Microsoft is mainly a software company, so I think they got the best developing tools.

Windows Phone 7 has a bright future in my opinion.


Smooth, currently best user experience, mature. That’s it!

I think Apple are truly innovators. They ask for premium prices, but in exchange they give you delicious hardware and great user experience.


Kilo of dust on my blog :P

Eh! it’s been a while since I blogged … man .. it’s pretty dusty in here! 🙂

So what’s up?

Ya summer came swimming, tanning and stuff is really fun … but man I feel down when I see a lot of poor girls wearing cut down clothes, poor them they doesn’t have enough money to buy new not cut up clothes ….. =D hehehe!

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but this summer I’m seeing lot and lot of Engagements going on! Is this is like some kind of wave coming or what :P?

And oh ya! Finally I dumbed my old Nokia 6600 mobile and got Nokia E70, and it is very nice! Maybe I will write my impression about some time later some my fellas who are looking about users review about this mobile would find something.

Cya 😉


10 simple pleasures of mine

Rula tagged me:)!

The tag is list 10 simple pleasures of mine, so I will list anything cross my mind quickly.

  1. The smell of Jasmine while I’m walking to work in the morning.
  2. A nice meal (Shawrma make my day any time :P).
  3. Gadgets!
  4. Make a smile on somebody’s face.
  5. Have Nescafe in the morning with a peace of biscuit.
  6. Go out with friends.
  7. Take a nice photo of anything.
  8. Health and Life.
  9. Watching some nice movie.
  10. News/Conversation from/with the special some one!

That was a quick list.

Now time to tag some people!
I tag GrayFox, Omar, and NK2(3ala rasi el shaghoor walla:D).

You have to list 10 simple pleasures and the rules are as follows:
a. You have to use the picture in my post.
b. You have to list exactly 10 points.
c. You have to tag 3 bloggers when you are done.


Life’s Decoration

You know, Life is decorated with bumps!
There are bumps which makes you jump so high that you can reach up to heaven and grab some fruits! These fruits taste like no other.
And there are those bumps which makes you feel beat, let down and unhappy.

If you think of it, without having the later one, the first one wouldn’t have that delicious taste.
Plus after those bad bumps you will be stronger and more adopted for the future.
So maybe bad bumps are not so bad after all?

I had one of these bad ass bumps lately and that’s what made me forget about the blog.
Thanks for your concerns!

See you guys 😉


New Train in Syria

Last week my cousin told me that she is thinking of going to Homs by train! So because I was bored of the things we usually do with friends, I was ready to try anything new, so I accepted right away and was excited!

Of course she called more cousins and her friends, got a bunch of people and got our self to the train station at around 3 pm on Friday! Ya I know it is late, but I didn’t care, I thought the fun will be in the train mostly, not in Homs 😛

As we arrived I quickly noticed how they made the Train station to have this old look, which is kinda cool.
Damascus Train Station
Then I saw the Train behind the building and it looked good! Shiny and clean.
The Platform looks cool, you know with the clock that you normally see on the Platforms.
The new Train
Next went to take the tickets. The first class ticket in the fast train costs 165 SP (~$3) which is pretty cheap I think.

Took the tickets and headed to the Train.

I was surprised as I got inside! It looks better than an airplane! The seats are huge, big space between the seats, a small LCD which shows DVDs, and it just looked so good and new! It was like another world, not Syria! We took a while until we settled down, after a little while two girls comes asking what would you like to drink coffee or tea and a newspaper plus sealed brand new head phones to plug them in your seat and listen to the movie (They had Terminator 2 on!). They even have a big room for kids to play!

We were prepared to go crazy, had the drum with us (Derbakeh!) and all expecting the train to be, well, less classy! We were expecting something like those old long big buses! So we were embarrassed a little at the beginning, but then we kicked off 😛 and other people on the train enjoyed it, because the guy in charge there came with his suite and tie and stuff, telling us please we will have troubles if some body complains,oh man:P, but then we asked the other people and they didn’t mind :)!

The train went smooth and was very comfortable, we arrived to Homs in about 2 hours and a half. But after we arrived around 6 pm and the Train continued to Aleppo. As we got off the train we discovered that we landed in some sort of Industrial train station! Where they get Goods loaded and unloaded! .. We asked for the return train and they said the next one is at 2 am or 3 am! But we wanted to get back on the same day :S! So the guy said there is one will come in 30 min!! … So we had 30 min there, my cousin and her friends were loaded with tons of sandwiches and every kind of chocolate and chips :D! Eat eat eat, go crazy a bit … then the train came! Heh .. we spent only 30 min on the ground in Homs:P..but what the hell it was good time anyway …. the return train was kinda the opposite of the one we took to Homs! … I felt it is like the old ones you see in Russia!Did you get the picture?…Eh, but it was fine. It was a really fun small trip.
Homs industrial Train Station
Oh man I went on and on a lot! Excuse me! The point is, it is good to see a good train like that here in Syria, and it really made me wish if they just put more of these for into town and get rid of the over flowing number of Micro Buses! I’m really bored of this polluted atmosphere.

Go and try it 😉


Teleportation – الانتقال الفوري

One of the most things that tackle my head is Teleportation. Just like in the sci-fi movies.
Imagine you are at home or at work, and you have a 30 min break, then you decide that you want to go somewhere, the first second you are in your place the second one will in Italy! Spend some time, and then return back! What’s cooler than that?
Feeling like skiing(Which I really want:P)? No problem, a few second and you will be in the and few seconds to get back!
Want some nice cheese sandwich(Because I’m hungry right now!)? Go into the Teleportation machine and you will be in France having superb cheese sandwich, and why not pass by to Switzerland for desert:)?!
This invention can be used for more than entertainment. Imagine somebody had a heart attack(Which is being so common! God help us!) they can get to the Hospital within seconds.
The options are unlimited!I was thinking, it has been a really long since the world saw a real new invention. Isn’t it time to do something new? A really new thing like how the people thought they can never fly and then saw that it is possible, that kind of new thing. Isn’t it time to invent something that solve our long waiting time in rush hours, taxis, buses, and narrow the distance of travel?

While I was searching the net I saw that they have really started researching on such a thing! And I was happy to see that some body is working on this:) I wish if could help!

The first research started by IBM back in the 1993 with some theories.
In 1998 in Caltech Institute California with group of European scientist they took IBM theories to reality when they were able to Teleport a single photon, a photon is an energy which carries light. The scientist were able to read the information of the Photon and then send it through a 1 meter coaxial cable and then create a replica of the photon! And the theory expected, the original Photon disappeared. I found a copy of the initial theories here.

In Australia 2002 scientist were able to Teleport laser. The laser appear in a place, then disappear, to appear back again some where else. What happened is they read millions of laser Photon’s information, and then send the information across the room to the receiving machine for the laser to be recreated again. A news about this event here.
The latest Teleportation experiment happened in Denmark Oct 2006 Dr. Eugene Polzik and his team were able to Teleport information saved in laser through a cloud of atoms. The Doctor commented that this is a new step in this field for the future, because this time it involves interfering of light and matter, two different objects. The first one is the information carrier and the second is the store medium. In other words, it is the first time they were able to Teleport an atom! News about this.

So what about Human Teleportation?
Maybe it is going to be a lot of years until we see something like this, and maybe they will get to the point where they find out it is physically impossible to Teleport a Human which requires moving at speed of light.

To be able to Teleport a Human they have to make a machine which is able to locate and analyze the 1028 which make up the Human body! That is about trillion trillion atoms. Then the machine sends this information to another one to rebuild the atoms with the exact precision. The Molecules can not be 1 millimeter shifted otherwise the Human will be back with a Physical or Nervous disability.

The research and talk about this topic is longer than this and related to many other things like biodigital cloning (Like Cloning, but digital!), but enough me talking about this 🙂 The Important thing is that we now know that they are working on it! Isn’t that just damn interesting?!

من أكثر المواضيع يلي مهتم فيها هو الانتقال الفوري متل يلي بافلام الخيال العلمي.
تخيل أنو ممكن تكون بشغلك أو ببيتك وعندك شي نص ساعة استراحة, بتقرر أنو جاية على بالك تروح لشي مكان, أول ثانية بتكون بمكان وبالثانية التانية تصير بأيطاليا! بتعد شي شوي بتقضي وقت وبترد بترجع محل ما كنت! شوفي أحلى من هيك؟
حابب تعمل تزلج(شو جاية على بالي أتزلج P:)؟ مو مشكلة ثواني وبتصير بالقطب المتمجد, وثواني لترجع لمحلك!
حابب تاكل سندويشة جبنة على كيفك(لأنو جوعان هلق!)؟ فوت بآلة النقل السريع وثواني بتصير بفرنسا وبتاكل اطيب جبنة, وبطريق الرجعة منمر على سويسرة مشان التحلاية :)!
مو بس أنو هالاختراع حلو مشان تنتقل وضيّع وقت, تخيل الفوائد تبعه … اذا حدى اجته جلطة (صايرة موضة لأنها :), بعيد الشر عنكن) ممكن بثانية يصير بالمستشفى!
مافي حدود للخيارات!

يعني عم فكر, أديش صرلو العالم ما شاف هيك شي أختراع جديد عن جد؟ زماااان كتير برأيي. يعني أختراع جديد متل وقت الأنسان كان يفكر أنو مستحيل يطير مثلاً! ما صار وقت يعملوا هالاختراع ويريحونا من ركب الباصات والتكاسي والعجقة وتضييع الوقت وتقريب المسافات؟؟

ولقيت أنو في أبحاث كبيرة بهذا الشي! وأنبسطت لأنو في عالم عم يشتغلو على هذا الشي 🙂 يا ريت عندي القدرة أنو ساعد!

الانتقال الفوري يلي هو بالانلكيزي Teleportation.
أول بحث بللش مع مختبرات IBM من سنة 1993, مجرد نظريات. بعدين سنة 1998 علماء من جامعة كاليفورنيا (Caltech) مع فريقين علماء من أوروبا, حوّلوا نظريات IBM لحقيقة بتجربتهم الناجحة لنقل فوتون بشكل فوري, الفوتون هو جسم عبارة عن طاقة بتنقل الضوء. الفريق قدر يقرأ البنية الذرية للفوتون وبعدين ارسال هي المعلومات عبر كبل لمسافة حوالي المتر وعمل نسخة من هذا الفوتون! وبعدين متل ما كانوا متوقعين, الفوتون الأصلي ما بيعود موجود بعد ما النسخة بتنعمل. وجدت نسخة عن الابحاث هنا.
بعام 2002 فريق باستراليا تمكنوا من نقل ضوء ليزر من مكان لتاني! ضوء الليزر بيكون بمكان, بيختفي,بينتقل ليصير بمكان تاني. يلي بيصير أنو بيقرأ ملايين الفوتونات وبينسخوها للمكان التاني يلي كان بعيد حوالي المتر وشوي. خبر عن الموضوع.
وآخر تجربة نقل فورية صارت بعام 2006 بالدنمارك Dr. Eugene Polzik وفريقه قدروا ينقلوا معلومات محفوظة بالليزر في غيمة من الذرات. والدكتور بيعلق عالموضوع أنو هي أول خطوة للمستقبل من نوعها, لأنه هالمرة النقل الفوري بيتعلق بتداخل الضوء مع المادة(matter), جسمين مختلفين. الأول هو ناقل المعلومات والثاني هو مكان التخزين. يعني هي أول مرة بيقدر ينقلوا بشكل فوري مادّة! خبر عن الموضوع.

طيب شو مشان النقل الفوري للأنسان؟
يمكن لسعتنا مطولين كتير لحتى نشوف هيك شي, سنوات كتيرة. يمكن حتى يوصلوا لمرحلة يلاقوا انو من المستحيل من الناحية الفيزيائية ينقلوا انسان من مكان لتاني بشكل مباشر يلي بيتطلب الانتقال بسرعة الضوء.

لحتى يقدروا ينقلوا شخص بشكل مباشر, لآزم يبنوا آلة بتقدر تحدد وتحلل ذرات جسم الانسان الـ 1028! يعني أكتر من ترليون ترليون(هي مو خطأ مطبعي) ذرة. بعدين الآلة بترسل المعلومات لمكان تاني وبيتم بناء الجسم مرة تانية بنفس الدقة. الجزيئات مو ممكن تكون ولا حتى مليميتر واحد منزاحة وإلا بيرجع الجسم فيه اعاقة عصبية او فيزيائية.

البحث بهالموضوع أطول من هيك واله علاقات بأشياء تانية متل biodigital cloning(متل نسخ جيني بس على ديجيتال!) , بس حاجة أحكيلكن عن الموضوع لهون:) المهم عرفنا أنو في حدا عم يشتغل بهالموضوع وعم يقربوا!مو شي موشوّق؟