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In Jordan again :)

Heeeeeeeeeeeey what’s up?

I went to Jordan …. but now for the Graduation reherseals … ya baby

The Graduation gonna be on Monday … and I will update you with some pics.



Back to Syria

It really feels good to be back to the mother Country and be between the family. But it sucks leaving friends in the other Country.

The season here (Damascus, Syria) now is Spring, everything smells great and fresh.

I live away from the City (which sometimes sucks) in a Villa with pool and stuff … I will post some pics later to share with you the great view of flowers and everything else.



Bye bye Jordan!

Well ….. after about 3 years in Jordan having great time with my friends Nadjib , Kareem , and Abe …. it looks like I’m gonna move back to my country Syria – Damascus after I’ve finished my studying.

These 3 years were the best in my life ……… and I will need so much time to just adopt with not having these great friends around … they are the best.

Will miss you all.

Hasan 🙁