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Old Damascus in 10 minutes

From the author’s Description:

A short movie showing old Damascus in Syria in 10 minutes. See old allies, streets, shops, Omayed Masjed and remember your old times you had in these places. Done by Kamar Nasri.

This is a wonderful short movie about old Damascus done by a young lady (My niece :):)!) that I wanted to share with you. She did this movie on her own for a school project.

I wish if all of this new generation would be more adapted with technology 😛 ….. I think they just need cheaper and faster Internet …

Cya 😉


Damascus MARS !

Probably the title didn’t make any sense, but if you look at the picture below you will see what I mean.

Yesterday after I got out of work I felt something is wrong, because everything looked redish! I looked in the sky and I saw a dark red clouds! …. I thought it is an alien invasion came from Mars 😀 … heh .. but actually it is a mix of sand and clouds … and then it rained mud!

Leave you with the picture. Note that the image is not edited at all! The image shows exactly how the weather was.