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Cleaner streets campaign

While visiting a computer store, I noticed a pile of paper bags with some brochures at the desk, on a closer look I found a pleasant surprise!

It was a campaign for having a cleaner street focusing on the habit of throwing trash out of the car’s window! Which is something I totally despise!

The campaign package consists of two things, the brochure which talks about how it is very hard to collect all the trash thrown out of the car’s window and how it needs an army of cleaners to collect that trash, because of course there are a lot of cars and a lot of people who are not aware of this issue. The second thing is a paper bag which you can stick on the car’s interior and put your trash in. Nice idea!

It is really nice to see people getting more aware and more civilized about this issue!

Thanks for the organizers and sponsors of this campaign:

Execution and planning:

– Scouts Syria
– UNHCR Damascus
– Twenty-fourth Division


Al Waten



Thanks to Allah I got married to the most beautiful lady 😀

This is the biggest thing in my life and there is nothing like it…

I hope everyone would have the chance to have this too.


Charity Garage Sale

Charity Garage Sale will be held on the 1st and 2nd of March 2008 from 10 AM to 7 PM at the Arabic Cultural Center in Kafarsouseh area – with the sale income donated to Basma(Kids Cancer Support organization) .

Look at this flayer for more info:

Charity Garage Sale Flayer


Kids Cancer Support Walking

Last Friday (15 Feb 2008) Kids Cancer Support Walking 2008 took off in Damascus, Syria.
Kids Cancer Support Walking 2008 in Damascus, Syria

The event was organized by Basma organization and the marketing campaign by U.G.

This walking was arranged to raise the attention and understanding about Kids Cancer, and at the same time try to entertain the Kids.

There were some activities for the Kids like Painting, Painting on the faces, Clowns, lunching balloons, gifts, and some other stuff like small dances 🙂

A few facts I learned about Kids Cancer and some people should know about:

  • Kids Cancer can effect kids from the ages 1 month to 18 years old.

  • It is curable, but costs so much and needs specialized doctors. Unfortunately in Syria there isn’t enough support. There is one Center in Damascus which is lacking financial support and expertise. The available doctors aren’t much specialized in this.

  • Cancer is NOT contagious! I heard stories saying that some parents lock their infected kids from the world!

Basma is an organization which try to help in this. Visit their site to get to know more about this and learn how you can help.

UPDATE: Here is a small Video capture I took from the event when the kids released the Balloons.

Kids Cancer Support WalkingThe best video clips are right here


Christmas – Damascus, Syria

Christmas – Damascus, Syria
Originally uploaded by Hasan Bazerbashi.

This is a part of how Christmas looks in Damascus, Syria.

I walked in “Bab Tuma” area where you can find lot of Christmas decorations there.
It was nice walking in the market there, the weather was nice ~5 C, well maybe not that nice, but I like cold weather =)

I also made a video walking in that area and walking in the old Allies of Old Damascus which I will post it to my Blog.

Maybe it isn’t a great photo, but I think it is enough to give the feel of that place!

Big Santa Clause
Originally uploaded by Hasan Bazerbashi.

While walking in the streets near “Bab Tuma” in Damascus, Syria, I found this huge Santa Clause! … I had some fun poking it :D!

Cya 😉