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How to save on Mobile bills in Syria

Just wanted to share a few tips about reducing your mobile bill.

So far we got two Mobile providers in Syria which are almost identical. SyriaTel and MTN.


It is not just in Syria, but in a lot of countries Mobile companies still charges a lot for SMS despite how simple it is.

Lately I noticed that MTN and SyriaTel are offering good bundles to reduce the SMS cost.

So I advice all the people who uses SMS to pick one of the offers below. It will even reduce your mobile bill while using SMS instead of calling 🙂 I think the 100 SMS is sweet.


Send SMS with the code to number 1220:

Messages Price Saving Code
25 SMS 50 SYP %67 ر 25
100 SMS 100 SYP %83 ر 100
3000 SMS 1500 SYP %92 ر 3000


To subscribe call *111# and choose package number:

Messages Price
25 SMS 50 SYP
100 SMS 100 SYP
Unlimited 1500 SYP



While I still think that the GPRS cost is very high, the bundles are still a way to save some money if you need to use GPRS.


Send SMS with the code to number 1221:

Messages Price Saving Code
3MB 50 SYP %33 ج 3
5MB 75 SYP %40 ج 5
12MB 150 SYP %50 ج 12
25MB 250 SYP %60 ج 25


To subscribe call *111# and choose package number:

Messages Price
3MB 50 SYP
5MB 75 SYP
12MB 150 SYP
25MB 250 SYP


Well that’s set for now, hope you like it 🙂


Qualified companies competing for the third mobile operator in Syria announced

According to a document released by the Syrian Ministry of Communication and Technology, the finalists companies competing to nab the license for the third mobile operator in Syria are:

  • Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (UAE)
  • France Telecom (France)
  • Qatar Telecom QSC (Qatar)
  • Saudi Telecom company (KSA)
  • Turkcell (Turkey)

After being qualified,  the companies will start submitting their proposals on the 12th of December.

Third mobile operator, we are waiting for you 🙂

UPDATE: UAE Etisalat quit the bidding, they’re uncool with the regulations. Source.


Cleaner streets campaign

While visiting a computer store, I noticed a pile of paper bags with some brochures at the desk, on a closer look I found a pleasant surprise!

It was a campaign for having a cleaner street focusing on the habit of throwing trash out of the car’s window! Which is something I totally despise!

The campaign package consists of two things, the brochure which talks about how it is very hard to collect all the trash thrown out of the car’s window and how it needs an army of cleaners to collect that trash, because of course there are a lot of cars and a lot of people who are not aware of this issue. The second thing is a paper bag which you can stick on the car’s interior and put your trash in. Nice idea!

It is really nice to see people getting more aware and more civilized about this issue!

Thanks for the organizers and sponsors of this campaign:

Execution and planning:

– Scouts Syria
– UNHCR Damascus
– Twenty-fourth Division


Al Waten


ADSL new prices in Syria

Ok so after like two years since the last ADSL prices cut, they did it again.

This time they introduced new type of subscription which depends on how much of Gigs you download.

Prices are as follow:

Limited by bandwidth

256 Kbps costs 900 SP a month (~ $19) – 2 GB bandwidth – each extra 1 GB costs 200 SP (~ $4)

512 Kbps costs 1200 SP a month (~ $25) – 4 GB bandwidth – each extra 1 GB costs 200 SP (~ $4)

Flat rate (Open bandwidth)

256 Kbps costs 1450 SP a month (~ $30)

512 Kbps costs 2300 SP a month (~ $48)

1 Mbps costs 3350 SP a month (~ $71)

2 Mbps costs 6100 SP a month (~ $130)

4 Mbps costs 11600 SP a month (~ $246)

8 Mbps costs 22600 SP a month (~ $480)

So these are the new prices, what do you think?

Well I don’t they are bad.

But the crappy thing is that they doesn’t have any subscriptions available!! It means that if you and want to subscribe, they got non! That’s what they say. Speed and stablility still sucks.

So what good are the new prices if there is no subscriptions!!?????


SyriaTel releasing a new service – My Backup

One of the two Mobile networks in Syria, SyriaTel, is about to release a new service called “My Backup”.

The service let you backup your mobile by first installing a software from the company (a .sis file some program) and then it uploads all kinds of data from the mobile like the SMS, MMS, Contacts, Calendar, and folders to be stored online, where you can manage them.

I heard the service will be like a subscription, there is a 3 months plan, 6 months, and a year subscription. The one year subscription costs 350 S.P (~$8). Without GPRS costs probably.

This service is especially useful when you lose your mobile or when it gets stolen, so then you can restore your mobile data.

I see this as a really cool feature and great advance in services provided by the SyriaTel.

There is a service which I’ve been using for a while to back up my mobile and it is Mobile Network independent, which is ZYB. The only thing I miss with ZYB is that it doesn’t backup MMS, SMS, nor special folders.


Charity Garage Sale

Charity Garage Sale will be held on the 1st and 2nd of March 2008 from 10 AM to 7 PM at the Arabic Cultural Center in Kafarsouseh area – with the sale income donated to Basma(Kids Cancer Support organization) .

Look at this flayer for more info:

Charity Garage Sale Flayer