Holographic Discs

I remember I talked about this before, when I said that you will be able to store Data in the Air!!

InPhase Technologies and Hitachi are jointly developing this technology, dubbed “Tapestry holographic memory technology”, which uses laser light interference to store 300 GB on a single disc.

Maxell Corporation of America, has said it will launch its first holographic storage products in September 2006. The first drive will have a capacity of 300GB and a throughput of 160Mbps.

Maxell says the technology designed by InPhase Technologies is capable of achieving 1.6TB per disk with a 120MBps bandwidth.

The disc, which would be around 13cm in diameter and a little wider than conventional DVD promises to hold more than six times the maximum content promised from Sony and Toshiba for their next generation formats.

Holographic storage works by storing information using light-sensitive crystals. Because it uses the whole volume of the disk, not just the surface, it’s possible to store much more information than is possible on a DVD.

InPhase Technologies says that holography enables million bits of data to be written and read in parallel with a single flash of light – making transfer rates considerably higher than those of current optical storage devices.

Holographic data storage is superior to existing disc and hard drive technologies, and is also competitive against tape technologies in capacities and transfer rate. In addition, it offers a 50+ year media archive life and random data access. Finally, the media is expected to have the lowest cost per gigabyte of any commercial quality removable storage.

I can’t wait until I have my TB disks 🙂

Hasan Bazerbashi