Zain is about to buy SyriaTel

There are some strong rumors saying that Zain a big telecommunication company is about to buy SyriaTel one of the two mobile networks in Syira.

It looks like the company is becoming a major telecommunication player in the area serving customers in 22 country in the Middle East and Africa with a net income around $820 million dollars a year!

Zain LogoThe rumors can be true since we saw that the company did recently buy a mobile network company called Fastlink in Jordan, and the MTC company which is originally in Kuwait but also has branches in Iraq, Yaman, Sudan, Bahrain, Lebanon, and other branches in ~14 country. So it seems to be a natural move if they did really buy the SyriaTel network.

From what I heard they offer great modern services. There is this cool feature which let you make International call with the fees of a local call! Of course only if both parties have a Zain phone number.

Personally I hope this rumor is true.