Zain is about to buy SyriaTel

There are some strong rumors saying that Zain a big telecommunication company is about to buy SyriaTel one of the two mobile networks in Syira.

It looks like the company is becoming a major telecommunication player in the area serving customers in 22 country in the Middle East and Africa with a net income around $820 million dollars a year!

Zain LogoThe rumors can be true since we saw that the company did recently buy a mobile network company called Fastlink in Jordan, and the MTC company which is originally in Kuwait but also has branches in Iraq, Yaman, Sudan, Bahrain, Lebanon, and other branches in ~14 country. So it seems to be a natural move if they did really buy the SyriaTel network.

From what I heard they offer great modern services. There is this cool feature which let you make International call with the fees of a local call! Of course only if both parties have a Zain phone number.

Personally I hope this rumor is true.

  • أمنبة

    why wouldn’t they like to buy it..!
    it’s a great deal. since the syrian custmour pays 450 lira without even using the line.

    i’m in kuwait. the cost of the local call and the msg are the same like in syr. except they don’t have the monthly payment.

    i actually wouldn’t like the idea that zain would buy it.
    the benfit will go to the one who owns this company which i think is one of the kuwaiti “شيوخ”.
    so the benifit will go to a kuwaiti pocket.

  • For a second I thought you work for Zain, hehe. Well, let them do anything they want as long as rates for calls and messages are decreasing 🙂

  • Well, as i know they buy like 49% of it , not all of it

  • no wayyy! SyriaTel has been doing good for its country. if zain is going to take over, then syria has one less important company to be proud of for brining some economical income. so sad.

  • Hey all thanks for the comment 🙂

    Batoul, ya you’re right they did alright, but we need some fresh new experience. And how SyriaTel is an income for Syria????

    Qabbani, well it seems to be that Zain might not willing to buy here right now. I heard news saying that now they’re into the Turkish market and maybe did some deals already with some company there.

    امنية, ya the call rates aren’t much here, but let me tell you that the quality is crappy! And as you mentioned the monthly fixed bill whether you use your mobile or not.

  • Salamour

    thats good maybe, but we should know is Zain will Give a new services in high time as Syriatel do.

    Remember : in one month SyriaTel Provide them Costomers in :
    1- Gifting days.
    2- GPRS for Prepaid line.
    3- TRU from Postpaid line to Prepaid line

    i hope if Zain improve the Profile like Syriatel do

    SyriaTel ” always with you, and Now for you”


  • Hey Salamour, thanks for your comment 🙂

  • zena

    syriatel is rubbish. check out dubai’s telecommunication ( etisalat +du) and all the good stuff they bring .. syriatel is down big time . they never get anything right!!! except money in their pocket. Let zain buy this crap and make something out of it.

  • Khalid

    Hello, i’m using syriatel network right now, and i really wish that zain buy syriatel, i think it’s better, and i hope they do it before summer, i’m from swieda city, syria, thanks