The "Internet" in Syria

Hi folks,

I’m writting this because I think most of the Syrian youth hate the Internet service in Syria, and I’m trying just to put things together and show why.

I wanted to get a connection to the Internet. So I asked around and found out that there is only one ISP ( Syrian Telecommunication ) I can register with! because the other ISP ( SCS ) is only for the Engineers ( I heard this ISP is going public soon ). So just imagine how the Internet quality will be 🙂 all of Syria the 17000000 citizen have only one ISP to connect to 😀
That’s not all. Also if you want to connect to the Internet you have to use a Proxy (Let’s say Filter) which leaves us with absolutely no Internet services but Web Surfing! No Conferencing(Messengers), FTP(File transfer protocol), Sharing programs(Like eMule) ……. just nothing but opening web sites.
They didn’t feel that ISP is slow enough, so they added the proxy!

It’s been 2 weeks for me since I came back to Syria, and since that time I’m strugling to get into my email! I know there is enough speed to open the email, but it looks like the Telecommunication company in Syria ( There is only one and it is for the goverment! ) doesn’t care about the country side! I’m only 20Km away from the City and the Internet connection just sucks ! The max speed I got using the Dial up connection is 26kbps and that is half the speed of the normal Dial up connection speed.

Maybe you ask about the Fast Internet like ADSL (There so many other fast connections)?
Well finally they got the service in here, Yupieeeeee! ……. wait ! don’t be so happy unless you are multi millionair!!
I will tell you why. The ADSL in Syria costs as the following:
First, Setup fees (converting your line to Digital and other stuff) = 7700 Syrian Pounds (145$)
Second, depending one the speed you want you pay per month:

  • 256kbit costs 6000 Syrian pounds per month ($115)
  • 512kbit costs 10,000 Syrian pounds per month ($200)
  • 1 Mega bit costs 16,000 Syrian pounds per month ! ($310)
  • 2 Mega bit costs 24,000 Syrian pounds per month !! ($455)

What do you think! …. just an intresting statistics : Average salary in Syria is about 8000 Syrian pounds! ($140)

I’m not gonna compare the prices with USA! let’s get Jordan as an example.
The 1 Mega bit in Jordan costs exactly 2850 Syrian pounds a month!! That is nothing in comparision with our Ultra high prices in Syria. And don’t forget that in Syria if you wanted to get the ADSL, it is very hard to get and restricted to a number of people, plus the proxy is applied on the ADSL connection too! So no benifite of the ADSL!

Since I am a Solution Developer, I need a constant, fast, and reliable Internet connection, becuae I always need to test my programs and web sites and of course read latest news and references. And I’m sure a lot of other people wants to see a nice quality and open Internet connection.

I’m so disappointed with the Internet in Syria 🙁

I hope they will improve this very soon.

Waiting to hear your comments. Maybe you also like to pass this article to others. Maybe it reaches somebody who could help us with this situation 🙂

Cya 😉