SyriaTel releasing a new service – My Backup

One of the two Mobile networks in Syria, SyriaTel, is about to release a new service called “My Backup”.

The service let you backup your mobile by first installing a software from the company (a .sis file some program) and then it uploads all kinds of data from the mobile like the SMS, MMS, Contacts, Calendar, and folders to be stored online, where you can manage them.

I heard the service will be like a subscription, there is a 3 months plan, 6 months, and a year subscription. The one year subscription costs 350 S.P (~$8). Without GPRS costs probably.

This service is especially useful when you lose your mobile or when it gets stolen, so then you can restore your mobile data.

I see this as a really cool feature and great advance in services provided by the SyriaTel.

There is a service which I’ve been using for a while to back up my mobile and it is Mobile Network independent, which is ZYB. The only thing I miss with ZYB is that it doesn’t backup MMS, SMS, nor special folders.