Syrian Internet FULLY LOADED

Aya ISP is the best player in the field right now. I love you Aya 😀

I made an account easily using a prepaid card availbe at the super markets or any other place, created the account, and everything went wonderfull.

THERE IS NO PROXY AT ALL! everything is working I tested it my self – it is completely open. I tried messengers, FTP, Sharing ( eMule and got HighID which means super nice connection ), and all the web sites that used to be blocked at the other ISPs such as Wired is working and everything is working. Ahhh what a relief 🙂 now I can live in Syria happily ever after 😀

Not just that, with this new ISP the prices are much cheaper. I calculated it and it shows that it costs us about 22 SP per hour ($0.41).

Also I heard that they have pretty much strong network that can handle big traffic and you will never hear that the line is busy, well that what I heard, but I think when people in Syria hear about this ISP more they will all run to the new ISP 😀

The ISP will offer ADSL at lower prices than the other ISPs which is of course good 🙂 I can’t wait till I know how much it’s gonna cost.

So we will wait for the ADSL 🙂

I’m very happy 🙂

Cya 😉

  • Sinan

    I don’t know it’s a little hard to believe they already built their network in such speed, I mean the SCS-net spent years doing it, which by the way wasn’t their fault but the telecomunication company in Syria so why would the telecom. treat Aya differently from SCS?? Espcially regarding the proxy??

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hi Sinan, thanks for your comment.

    About “Espcially regarding the proxy??”, I’ve been using this new ISP for three days now and I’m telling you it is really great. There is no proxy, you are not believing me 😀 ? try it. Everything is open no restriction at all. I’m really enjoying the net ….. but can’t wait to see thier new prices for the ADSL.

    Cya 😉

  • Sinan

    Ok great I take your word for it and first thing I’ll do when I am back to Syris is certainly try it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I have been using Aya since yesterday afternoon.

    It is all true, no proxy, all is open, it is simply a direct connection to internet. I never though I would live to see this day. Now I can have fun on online game…

    Now, as for ADSL, veryone says 10 days to 2 weeks. I kind of doubt it. More like 1 to 2 years, if I am based on my local experience.

    I think that now there is a complete proxy free isp, the other providers will follow, and the competition will begin.

    It is a great day for Syria, a great jump into our days world. In 5 years time, Syria got transformed and I am proud to be part of this transformation.

    Thanx to who ever is behind these great changes.

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hey really thanks “Anonymous” for commenting and confirming what I said before 🙂

    It is really good to finally see the Internet here without Proxy.

    About the ADSL, I didn’t quite understand what you meant – if the ADSL will be availble in Aya ? or you meant about the price drop?
    Any way, I hope that both will happen soon.

    I wish you will become not “anonymous” 🙂

    Cya 😉

  • Oz

    They were obliged to do it, but i wanted to do it myself, with sinan, perhaps, anyway these are nice news, adsl is a connection without proxy which is much more better, then u can try to phone, on ip! i think youc an do it, to replace your phone by a phone on ip, maybe u should use Skype. That’s a thing to devolop in syria, cos’ here in FRance, you have adsl and you connect a phone to the modem, you got a phone number, and then you can call for free! But now Syria need more adsl providers!

  • no one

    do u still use aya? how does it work with u?

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hi “no one” 😉

    Thanks for visiting my Blog and commenting.

    Ya it is so so very good and going very well.

    Cya 😉