New Train in Syria

Last week my cousin told me that she is thinking of going to Homs by train! So because I was bored of the things we usually do with friends, I was ready to try anything new, so I accepted right away and was excited!

Of course she called more cousins and her friends, got a bunch of people and got our self to the train station at around 3 pm on Friday! Ya I know it is late, but I didn’t care, I thought the fun will be in the train mostly, not in Homs 😛

As we arrived I quickly noticed how they made the Train station to have this old look, which is kinda cool.
Damascus Train Station
Then I saw the Train behind the building and it looked good! Shiny and clean.
The Platform looks cool, you know with the clock that you normally see on the Platforms.
The new Train
Next went to take the tickets. The first class ticket in the fast train costs 165 SP (~$3) which is pretty cheap I think.

Took the tickets and headed to the Train.

I was surprised as I got inside! It looks better than an airplane! The seats are huge, big space between the seats, a small LCD which shows DVDs, and it just looked so good and new! It was like another world, not Syria! We took a while until we settled down, after a little while two girls comes asking what would you like to drink coffee or tea and a newspaper plus sealed brand new head phones to plug them in your seat and listen to the movie (They had Terminator 2 on!). They even have a big room for kids to play!

We were prepared to go crazy, had the drum with us (Derbakeh!) and all expecting the train to be, well, less classy! We were expecting something like those old long big buses! So we were embarrassed a little at the beginning, but then we kicked off 😛 and other people on the train enjoyed it, because the guy in charge there came with his suite and tie and stuff, telling us please we will have troubles if some body complains,oh man:P, but then we asked the other people and they didn’t mind :)!

The train went smooth and was very comfortable, we arrived to Homs in about 2 hours and a half. But after we arrived around 6 pm and the Train continued to Aleppo. As we got off the train we discovered that we landed in some sort of Industrial train station! Where they get Goods loaded and unloaded! .. We asked for the return train and they said the next one is at 2 am or 3 am! But we wanted to get back on the same day :S! So the guy said there is one will come in 30 min!! … So we had 30 min there, my cousin and her friends were loaded with tons of sandwiches and every kind of chocolate and chips :D! Eat eat eat, go crazy a bit … then the train came! Heh .. we spent only 30 min on the ground in Homs:P..but what the hell it was good time anyway …. the return train was kinda the opposite of the one we took to Homs! … I felt it is like the old ones you see in Russia!Did you get the picture?…Eh, but it was fine. It was a really fun small trip.
Homs industrial Train Station
Oh man I went on and on a lot! Excuse me! The point is, it is good to see a good train like that here in Syria, and it really made me wish if they just put more of these for into town and get rid of the over flowing number of Micro Buses! I’m really bored of this polluted atmosphere.

Go and try it 😉