Internet, what’s up?

OK, the new year is coming close with some Internet rumors around.

Yes you might see me mostly nagging about the internet connection here in Damascus, Syria, but what can I do? I’m a heavy Internet user, and Technology happens to be my job.

Today I was reading some fresh news, Technology news, and I was shocked when I saw that an ISP in South Korea is serving 100Mbps internet connection, maybe that is not new, but the thing is the price tag, which is only ~24$!
And I found out while reading this news that in Japan the home users get Fiber Optic connection! That is counted in Gigas speed!

I hear this news while in here we are dreaming about some stable ADSL connection with decent price and less filtering. It is frustrating.

So many new ISPs coming out and I lost the interest in tracking their names since I know that they all belong to the same provider (Syrian STE), I’m talking about ISPs like Aya, Sawa, and others.

Let’s talk about some rumors.

They say the prices will drop again, so a 1 Mbps connection will cost about 1000 SP(~$18) which I think is reasonable price. And abviously lot of people will be wanting this service because it is much cheaper than before, so here comes the other rumor which says about 150000 subscription will be available.

Well, I hope this will be true, but I’m afraid that the network won’t handle the traffic since I see signs of bottlenecks already.

Cya 😉