Cleaner streets campaign

While visiting a computer store, I noticed a pile of paper bags with some brochures at the desk, on a closer look I found a pleasant surprise!

It was a campaign for having a cleaner street focusing on the habit of throwing trash out of the car’s window! Which is something I totally despise!

The campaign package consists of two things, the brochure which talks about how it is very hard to collect all the trash thrown out of the car’s window and how it needs an army of cleaners to collect that trash, because of course there are a lot of cars and a lot of people who are not aware of this issue. The second thing is a paper bag which you can stick on the car’s interior and put your trash in. Nice idea!

It is really nice to see people getting more aware and more civilized about this issue!

Thanks for the organizers and sponsors of this campaign:

Execution and planning:

– Scouts Syria
– UNHCR Damascus
– Twenty-fourth Division


Al Waten