Christmas – Damascus, Syria

Christmas – Damascus, Syria
Originally uploaded by Hasan Bazerbashi.

This is a part of how Christmas looks in Damascus, Syria.

I walked in “Bab Tuma” area where you can find lot of Christmas decorations there.
It was nice walking in the market there, the weather was nice ~5 C, well maybe not that nice, but I like cold weather =)

I also made a video walking in that area and walking in the old Allies of Old Damascus which I will post it to my Blog.

Maybe it isn’t a great photo, but I think it is enough to give the feel of that place!

Big Santa Clause
Originally uploaded by Hasan Bazerbashi.

While walking in the streets near “Bab Tuma” in Damascus, Syria, I found this huge Santa Clause! … I had some fun poking it :D!

Cya 😉

  • Spears

    Christmas brings a unique kind of joy .. all the lights and Santa stories .. nice pictures

  • Anonymous

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  • Sharks

    I wonder why i can’t see the pictures?!!!…but anyhow nothing matches a walk in old city streets especially in winter 🙂 …HAPPY NEW YEAR 3AMMO HAZZ…

  • Hasan Bazerbashi


    The photos are in my Flickr space:

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  • Mr. Hasan: Are you related to Mr. Mazeb Bazerbashi!? If so how is he. My name is Imad and my brother Ziad was a good friend of Mazen from Damascus. Ziad passed away due to cancer early in the Spring. Just wanted Mazen to know. Best regards to him. Regards