ADSL prices here in Syria dropped!!

Now it costs like the following:

One time Setup fee: 2000 SP (~37$)

256Kbps: 2400 SP/month (~45$)
512Kbps: 3700 SP/month (~69$)
1 Mbps: 5900 SP/month (~111$)
2 Mbps: 9800 SP/month (~184$)
4 Mbps: 17000 SP/month (~320$)
8 Mbps: 29800 SP/month (~562$)
And an ADSL modem: 2000 SP (~45$)
And you can add 1 Mbps for any subscription for 4500 SP (~84$)

It is for the first time in the Middle East as I know that you can get ADSL speed up to juicy 8 Mbps !! That is BIG!
That’s not all. I heard that you can keep on adding 1 Mbps until you reach speed up to 16 Mbps!!! That is a first. You can then have your own ISP!

I also want to mention very important thing, and that is there is no limited bandwidth! Unlimited Downloading and Uploading! Which means you can download and upload as much as you want!! That is also really a big thing.
Because usually ISPs like the ones in Jordan limits you with a certain bandwidth depending on your subscription. For example, if you have the 512Kbps, you will have 5GB of download and after that the speed will drop from 512Kbps to 256Kbps until your downloads reach 8 GB the speed will drop to 128Kbps and then will stay like that unlimited.

For the official price list from the ISP look HERE.
Thanks for who ever was responsible for this

What would be the next good step is to get rid of the Proxy which limits the usage of the Internet and filtering everything except web surfing (even filtering lots of usefull web sites).

Have a good rocking ADSL days

Hasan Bazerbashi

  • cold0zero

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  • Electro

    :D:D:D OMG ,WTF?
    Like we say here in Jordan
    Congrats d00d, which Connection r u getting? 😛
    I WANNA GO LIVE IN SYRIA !!!!!!:D:D lol
    damn neyalak 😛
    that’s some Great news 2 hear ,never expected some shit like dis to happen in the Middle East… mmm

    Electro a.k.a AJ

  • Majd

    Hay thanks for the good news,

    this seems interesting, but I agree with coldzero, I hope that there’s going to be a good service.

  • Omni

    I hope the violence in your country ends before anyone is killed!! The Danish and Norwegians need to accept that freedom of speech doesn’t mean you should outrage and insult millions of Muslims; those cartoons should never have been published.

    (Omni supports treating religion gently and with respect)

  • sho-mshan