ADSL Prices are going down in Syria :)

I heard from some good source that next month the ISP SCS gonna lower the ADSL monthly fee

I heard that the 256Kbit connection is gonna cost 4000 SP ($75) a month. Not that much less but I think it is a start.

I hope they will be able to lower that price much more sooner, because $75 a month still costy specially for average employees in Syria who gets about $150. Plus the proxy is still there standing in our way of using the full power of the internet

I can’t wait until we see a really good and free of Proxy Internet access in here. It will a good reason for me to stay here!


  • Ghalia

    WOW, good news, But I still want it to get more down!

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hi Ghalia 🙂

    Ya we all want that. Just tell me about one person who doesn’t want that to happen 🙂

    I dunno why they put so high prices. Maybe they think we are all rich companies!

    If the prices goes down it will really help people to learn much more from the internet, because they won’t be afraid of the big unexpected bill at the end of the month (in dialup case 🙁 ).

    Cya 😉

  • Tolerant Damascene

    Hopefully the price will continiously decrease.
    It’s really weird when ther internet is

    has bad servers,
    YET Expensive!!