ADSL new prices in Syria

Ok so after like two years since the last ADSL prices cut, they did it again.

This time they introduced new type of subscription which depends on how much of Gigs you download.

Prices are as follow:

Limited by bandwidth

256 Kbps costs 900 SP a month (~ $19) – 2 GB bandwidth – each extra 1 GB costs 200 SP (~ $4)

512 Kbps costs 1200 SP a month (~ $25) – 4 GB bandwidth – each extra 1 GB costs 200 SP (~ $4)

Flat rate (Open bandwidth)

256 Kbps costs 1450 SP a month (~ $30)

512 Kbps costs 2300 SP a month (~ $48)

1 Mbps costs 3350 SP a month (~ $71)

2 Mbps costs 6100 SP a month (~ $130)

4 Mbps costs 11600 SP a month (~ $246)

8 Mbps costs 22600 SP a month (~ $480)

So these are the new prices, what do you think?

Well I don’t they are bad.

But the crappy thing is that they doesn’t have any subscriptions available!! It means that if you and want to subscribe, they got non! That’s what they say. Speed and stablility still sucks.

So what good are the new prices if there is no subscriptions!!?????

  • still no subscreiptions!
    it makes me want to give up ..

  • so whats the point without the subscriptions!?
    Theres something I don’t quite understand about it.

  • Помнится, кто-то выкладывал фотки…

  • I see the point :

    You can dream & get happy to have such speeds …
    But keep dreaming .. DO NOT wake up ! ..
    This is the dream lands ! hihi ..

  • husam

    and if u get your hand on one you will have one of those two problems:
    1-slow speed.
    2-no stability.
    Or u might have both porblems!