ADSL In Syria Insider Edition!

Welcome to Syria Insider Edition!

We have just received the news from one of our reporters that the ADSL prices will be dropped by the half at the middle of this month!! Expected at 15th of Feb.

Ok guys this is not a joke! This month hopefully the 256Kbps ADSL will be 2500 Syrian Pounds ($47) instead of 4000 Syrian Pounds ($75).


Hasan Bazerbashi

  • Haitham

    I hope it’s true. But there’s always a catch.

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    I hope it’s true too 🙂

    If they dropped the price, what would be the catch ?? .. I don’t think there would be a catch.

    Thanks for your comment, but which Haitham are you:)?

  • Ghalia

    me too hope it’s true!

  • Tarek

    It’s really expensive at your place. Here in Egypt it is 150 LE (About 1500 Syrian Pound) for the 256K

  • Majd

    I don’t think they are doing so!

    even so, we hope the best.

    by the way, I heard that ADSAL QOS is very bad in syria or even in some countries like KSA !

    nice blog Hasan

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hey Majd thanks 🙂

    To tell you the truth I didn’t try to subscribe to ADSL here in Syria yet, so I can’t judge it, but I tried using it, and almost everything is blocked on the goverment ISP “190” (Only web surfing, and lot of blocking) so that is pretty ugly for Technology enthusiasts’ and lovers.

    Hopefully things will get better 🙂

    About making discounts …. I heard there were a problem and it will early next month.

    Cya 😉

  • Mqabbani

    Cool : )