Windows Vista – Preview

First off, as many already have heard, Longhorn has been changed to be “Windows Vista”. It will probably come out in August 2006.

In this new Windows they have focused on these points:

  1. Security. I heard that they are rewriting the lower level of coding to prevent Viruses such as Blaster.
  2. Developer Flexibility. ( .Net and XAML ) For much easier network based programs.
  3. Polish. It is 5 years now since XP came out, so now they spent nice time on developing new technology for a better system, and that new technology name is “Aero”. Aero has come a long way though and Microsoft seems to be intent on making this version of Windows the most polished, cleanest, best OS they’ve made yet. We’re not just talking about being pretty, which it is. But also being far more responsive to user input, booting up faster, better memory management.

I’m wondering how much RAM is it gonna need ?!

Cya 😉