Vista DVI problem

This is how I solved a problem which a lot of people are facing when they try connecting Windows Vista computer to a Flat Panel like LCD through the DVI output – you get “No Signal” or such a message from your TV.

I did a lot of research about this, and it seems to be the problem is in Vista drivers and how it handles DVI. If the LCD have VGA it would be much easier since the VGA is Plug and Play.

Microsoft promised to fix this bug with SP1. Now SP1 is out and seems it didn’t really fix the problem! At least it didn’t for me when I was trying to connect the computer with a 52″ Sharp LCD through DVI.

I tried updating the Graphics’s card driver, didn’t help. Tried to use a program called PowerStrip to define custom resolutions to be compatible with the LCD, also didn’t help.

At the end, I replaced the DVI cable with “DVI -> HDMI” cable, and finally it did work!

I didn’t remove the PowerStrip software, because I think I need to use it to define a custom resolution for the big LCD.