Ubuntu – Linux for Human Beings

“Ubuntu” is an ancient African word, meaning “humanity to others”. Ubuntu also means “I am what I am because of who we all are”. The Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.

Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support.

Also Ubuntu is Open Source Operating System, which means you can see how your system is built and coded for free!

Maybe you have heard about Linux before and you were afraid to switch to Linux just like me 🙂

The result of my experiance with Ubuntu Linux till now is amaizing!

I was afraid that I will not be able to run my computer again since I have vital info on it 😛

I’m telling you, this new version of Linux is so user friendly and powerfull.

Fast, Easy Install:
Ubuntu doesn’t have a pretty graphical installer, it has a FAST and EASY installer. OK, there are still a couple of places where you need to know what you are doing, but the defaults will work for most people.

Immediately Useful
When you finish your Ubuntu installation your system is immediately usable. You have a full set of business productivity applications, internet applications, drawing and graphics applications, and games. That one CD gives you a very good desktop environment out of the box, with many applications for business, home and personal computer users installed by default. There are thousands of additional pieces of software that are just a few clicks away, but we’ve done the hard work to get the basics in place easily and effectively.

If you like, you can install this Linux and Windows together very easily. All you have to do is just to delete a partition that you don’t need (Bigger than 7 Gig is recommended) and just reboot with Ubuntu install CD and when it asks you where to install Ubuntu choose “Largest continuest free space” and it will do the rest 🙂
So after the installation is done and you restart, you can choose to boot to Windows or Ubuntu Linux.

This version of Linux is so nice and supports a very big number of Hardware (Wireless, RAID …etc) …. I didn’t need to install driver for any Hardware – everything were ready to use 🙂
Also it has the interface in so many languages (Including Arabic!!) … you can read/write in these languages just normally.

And guess what too 🙂 … you can run Windows applications on Linux using a porgram called Wine

Linux is becoming more and more powerfull. And now I always use it instead of Windows 🙂 I highly recommend this Version.

And if you are a .Net developer like me 🙂 … you can develope .Net applications on Linux !! can it get any better !! 😀
Check here for .Net on Linux: www.go-mono.com

Linux Ubuntu can run on any computer system, even Apple computers!

I really love this Ubuntu Linux and you just gotta try it.

For more info and download : Ubuntu – Linux for Human Beings
The CD is about 600MB 🙂

Screenshots : Here for Screenshots

If you have any questions please ask 🙂

Cya 😉

  • Linux Juggler

    look dear :
    i didnt ever try Ubuntu , till now but i will ask for it soon , so i cant say something bad about it …
    but i think if you want the people to use linux you can give the a userfreindly one like SUSE and i think its the best for the syrian user , bcoz its have every thing you will ever need ..
    and if you want to change to linux dont tell the people to use wine , tell them that there is anothre program that yuo can use instade of the windows program … for example M$office == Koffice == OpenOfice
    PhotoShop == GIMP
    plaplapla ….etc
    and that is much more better coz when you use wine remember that you will have the same proplem that you have with windwos ..
    and thats my point …
    PS:did you try to work with Fedora Core?
    best regards

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Yes you are right man about I have to tell them about the other Applications they can use, but sometimes you just need to run Windows application on Linux that you couldn’t have on Linux 😉 For example: Without the Technology of Wine we wouldn’t be able to make the .Net works on Linux too 🙂

    And excuse me, I don’t know Fedora :$ …. I’m really new to work with Linux, but I like what I’m getting so far.

    I have a little problem with a computer on which I installed Linux. The problem is that it is not detecting the Modem 🙁 can you help? The modem as I see it in Windows is : HSP56 MR (SIS)
    It is a Laptop.

    Thanks for passing by man.

  • Linux Juggler

    you have type this :”
    And if you are a .Net developer like me 🙂 … you can develope .Net applications on Linux !! can it get any better !! 😀
    Check here for .Net on Linux: http://www.go-mono.com
    by the way i dont think that mono depends on wine so you have no excuse .
    and you can see this one : http://dev.mainsoft.com/
    about the modem .. most of the internal modems are winmodems (you know what i mean ?) and most of the company never give you any linux driver , but you can search the net about it …
    the most distro that give you a big drivers for winmodems is SUSE and MANDRAVA(mandrake)…
    so that you have to deal with it.
    if you didnt ever try Fedora then you have to wait until the next release but you can get SUSE9.3 from FUTURE Library in baramkeh …
    or you can download it 😉

  • Linux Juggler

    for me i remove my computer internal modem and replace it with ( Com )exterlan one so that i dont care if there is a driver or not .

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hey man 😉

    Thanks for the link to the Visual IDE on Linux 🙂 It looks great.

    About the Wine thing … I’m not saying things from me, I read this at mono project page. They said that they left the Wine development, and they continued with its basics to build the .Net for Linux 🙂

    Thanks a lot.

    Cya 😉

  • Linux Juggler

    any way am not intersted in DotNet Technologies.
    its not my main filed …
    but any way your welcome at any time …
    if you need any help you can contact me.