Surf the Internet and blog on mobile!

I think everything is going mobile, and Opera Mini is one very nice piece of software for your mobile! I totally love it!

It works on many mobile types, check this place here for officially supported devices: HERE

This Mini browser has many features I liked, but there is one which is really impressive which is server side compression! Which means the content which you want to view are very much compress thus less traffic and less payment for the Internet service on the mobile.

Also the new Opera Mini has a cool feature which makes it very easy to make a photo, and I already started using it! Look HERE.

And if you are one these people who love RSS feeds, there is RSS reader included in this great browser.

Still all of that not enough for you? Get this, IT IS FREE!

Get Opera Mini and start having fun 😉

  • MQabbani

    hey ..

    thanks for the Info. : )

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hey Moufaq 🙂 You are welcome! Thanks for coming by and commenting 🙂 ….

  • Omar

    Hey Hasan, man they must have paid you, I mean the Opera Mini team 😀

    So much love,

  • Billy Donovan

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