Closing unnecessary Windows Services for more RAM

After upgrading my old machine, I started installing my Development tools. One of the tools I use is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for creating Databases and Business Intelligence. From my experience that tool is not very CPU or RAM friendly 🙂 . It runs a lot of services like the Reporting service, Integration Services…etc.

I didn’t want these services to hog the computer for normal usage, so I created a simple batch file to close these unnecessary service.

To create a batch file just create a new empty text file and rename it to have the extension .bat.

In my batch file I’m shutting down MS SQL Server services and VMWare services:

net stop VMAuthdService
net stop VMnetDHCP
net stop “VMware NAT Service”
net stop “VMUSBArbService”
net stop SQLWriter
net stop SQLBrowser
net stop SQLAgent$MSSQLSERVER2008
net stop MSSQLFDLauncher$MSSQLSERVER2008
net stop MsDtsServer100
net stop ReportServer$MSSQLSERVER2008

Note that the SQL Services’ names are probably different on your machine. It depends on what did you call your Database’s instance name.

Here is a list of SQL Server services names.

To start the services again, just create another batch file and use “net start” instead of “net stop”.