Microsoft and Hadoop

Looks like Microsoft is going to start integrating Hadoop based services in its server and database products. The services will be implemented in Windows Server, Azure and SQL Server 2012.

Hadoop open source project which is if I may say for cloud and distributed computing came to the picture as I  remember when Yahoo announced that they will be using it to store their data. That was long time ago. Later I also learned that other companies which need to manage their big volume of data like Google actually uses it too.

The good thing is that according to Microsoft’s statement is that existing Microsoft Business Intelligence tools will be compatible with Hadoop implementation.

Microsoft’s Hadoop’s efforts already showing results like a Hadoop to SQL Server connector for importing and exporting and an ODBC driver for Hive for real time querying from business intelligence tools into Hadoop.

Microsoft promised that they will contribute back whatever changes or additions they make and will commit to make it compatible with the open source project.

I love SQL Server and I’m glad to see this move from Microsoft. Hopefully this will help better manage big data requirements.