Last Developer Standing Contest from Microsoft

I was really very excited when I saw this contest!

They have cool prizes. Xboxs, Microsoft press books (worth $1700!), and portable media center every Bi-week, and that’s not all!They have the biggest prize which is $25000 – wow.

The contest is spread in 8 Modules …. It is like each Module has a week or so , and they will ask you questions about your favorite .Net programming language (Visual Basic.Net or C# ….Etc), and the way you win depends on how well did you answer, because they will see ever body’s’ answers and pick number of people with the highest percentage of correct answers then they pick a lucky winner randomly 🙂

And even if you weren’t good at any programming languages, Microsoft will be sending you the Modules (like e-books or books or what ever) to study them ! How generous 🙂

So even if you didn’t win anything, you will have a good knowledge now of programming language for free.

But the reason I’m that excited about it now is that to be eligible for the contest you have to be Canadian residents 🙁

Anyway, I will continue with the contest and see what happens.

Good luck all 🙂


The contest web site :MSDN Canada – Last Developer Standing – Home