Thunder and Peace

Last night, I woke up on the sound of my room’s Window shaking because of Thunder! DAMN! Thunder after Thunder, Lightning after Lighting flashing my room with super White Light!

I’m not scared of the sound, but I was surprised! So I thought, I like Thunder sound, go back to sleep!
Going back to sleep, the Thunder kept breaking the silince with huge booming sound which I watched it with my ears and loved it! I love it how it boom and shake me! The stronger it is the more I admired it!

But before I go back to sleep I thought and felt so thankful to Alla that it is not the same sound that our neighbors in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine wake up on! Bombs! I am sure it is a horrible experience they won’t forget and it will effect them for the rest of their life 🙁

Digging around Masjed Al Aqsa started, so eventually it will collapse by it self some time and no body is doing anything! People in Palestine hang on! You are protesting and fighting there on the behalf of all of us! And for God sake stop fighting each other!

The same for you Lebanon and Iraq God damn it! Stop fighting each other!

I hope to see the day where I see Peace in the whole area!

Ok I finished!

  • GraY FoX

    that was nice
    we all share the same wish buddy
    but unfortunately , maybe thunder is a bomb of a war up there ( Heaven Vs Hell ) 😛
    as queen said
    “thunderbolt lightning really really frightning me” 🙂

  • Qabbani


    last night here in Amman-Jordan was same weather …

  • Zena

    that’s a nice one
    you are so humane.. walla:)

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hey thanks guys for your comment 🙂

    @Gray Fox: Hhehe, you reminded me of the episode of Kenny from South Park! Where Kenny goes to Heaven to play a game against Hell :D!

    @Qabbani: It’s cool right :)? I guess the Clouds walked there 😛

    @Zenaaaaa: Heh! Oh how kind of you 🙂 thank you very much! And I thought I was an Alien 😛 hehehe …. but seriously, some one who says I’m human, I’m sure he/she is more human than me 😉

    Cya guys 😉

  • Gardenia

    very sesitive

  • Sharks

    Hehe! but it was a nice morning the next day…i was so soundly asleep I thought it was only in my dreams :P…

    Thank God it is only thunder and though “Peace” it is a long shot prayer, but inshalla it will come true one day!…

  • Omar the Royal Blue

    Hasan I wish you peaceful nights and days.
    Bro, you’re human and humane, as Zena said 🙂

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hey 🙂

    @Gardenia: Thanks for you comment. I think a lot of people think like me, it is not that I’m sensitive, but I’m really concerned! welll… ya … I guess sensitive 😛

    @Sharkyyyyyyyy!: Hheheh 😀 Ya me too I thought it is dreams too! … As you said .. it is like a dream to have Peace :S

    @Omar: Thanks man 🙂 you are too 🙂