The Five

Eh, I’ve been tagged many times before and didn’t play the game! But this time it seems to be I’m going to do it.

Thanks Gray Fox my friend in kokoness ! He tagged me.

Well let’s see what I’m going to write …
I think I’ll pick some random topics and talk about how feel about them.

1- SHAWARMA . Oh man if I can, I would eat this all the time! In the morning,noon,after noon, before&after sleep, in the breaks, dates, and while sleeping … but we gotta keep our self in shape ha ? I really like food! It is such a delight.

2- Music. All kinds, but depends on the mood. Totally hate the new style of the Arabic songs, because it is becoming an art of seduction! It’s not music any more! But I have to say and admit that some are nice. I tend to like the hyper Genere kind of music more. Like Hard Rock,Trance, and Techno (Creed

), but at the same time I like Classical music so much too(I go to the Opera house!).When I want to listen some nice relaxing music I like to listen to Live Ireland radio(Listining to it right now!I LOVE THIS RADIO AND TYPE OF MUSIC! THE BAG PIPE!). But because I like these hyper Music – don’t think I’m like crazy and all … mostly I’m the calm and wise kind of guy . A bit of craziness is cool I think! Don’t you think?3- I enjoy being with my family. With my Parents, Sisters, nephews and nieces (Not so much younger than me, the oldest is a year younger than me! They are my friends beside my other friends of course).

4- Things that fascinates me. The ever expanding Universe (Where is it going?). Life! Death! How Humans kills each other! … and Girls ! Ok I used the last one to just get you out of all the death and kills stuff …

5- Love is beautiful !

Wheefff ! Finally finished!

Now time to tag! I tag Sara , Baher, Nadjib, Omar, and Ghalia.

And Gray Fox, don’t do evil things on me again! Otherwise I will use my Dark Tagging power on you, and you don’t want to see it trust me! … Heh!

This was fun!

Salam guys.

  • Qabbani

    nice wallah 🙂

    i love shawerma too but not that much ,,, dude u need take easy 😛

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hey muoffaq 😉 Thanks for the comment.

    Hehheh 😀 well I was kinda hungry when I wrote about Shawarma 😛 LOL!

  • GraY FoX

    looool nice five dude, me luf them 😀
    sorry i couldnt find a shawerma smilie 😛

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hahhhe 😀 oh man .. Ya I used a lot of these smilies :S ! 😛

    I’m thinking of making a Shawarma smilie!

  • Omar the Royal Blue

    Hasaaan thanks for tagging me.

    Sahten and so much love to you and to your family. What about that hamburgers we enjoyed in y3foor?

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    OH MAN THE BURGERS!!!! … of course … ah … don’t get me hungry now :D!

    Thanks for your comment;)

  • Sharks

    Welll!!…food, music and girls…hmmmm sounds familiar 😛 ….nice ones Hazz…
    Thanks to u am having Shawerma today…