10 simple pleasures of mine

Rula tagged me:)!

The tag is list 10 simple pleasures of mine, so I will list anything cross my mind quickly.

  1. The smell of Jasmine while I’m walking to work in the morning.
  2. A nice meal (Shawrma make my day any time :P).
  3. Gadgets!
  4. Make a smile on somebody’s face.
  5. Have Nescafe in the morning with a peace of biscuit.
  6. Go out with friends.
  7. Take a nice photo of anything.
  8. Health and Life.
  9. Watching some nice movie.
  10. News/Conversation from/with the special some one!

That was a quick list.

Now time to tag some people!
I tag GrayFox, Omar, and NK2(3ala rasi el shaghoor walla:D).

You have to list 10 simple pleasures and the rules are as follows:
a. You have to use the picture in my post.
b. You have to list exactly 10 points.
c. You have to tag 3 bloggers when you are done.

  • Cute NK2

    Allah 3al rawa2 .. 🙂
    Conversations , Jasmin and Nescafe .. a guaranteed smile each time 🙂

  • Zena

    Hi Hasan..
    Glad to see your posts 🙂

    Hmmm… amazing stuff Jasmine, nescafe, movie, health and life.. wishing you a happy May full of this 🙂
    Ohh.. and lots of Shawrma kaman 😛

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Hiiii 🙂

    Shayfeen 3al rawa2 😛 .. thanks for your comment and kind words NK2 and Zena 🙂

  • Sharks

    3an jad rawa2 ya 3ammo…Shawrma hmmmm!!i think its gonna make my day today 😛

  • Gardenia

    nice and simple pleasures..I liked that biscuit part..so simple 🙂

  • GraY FoX

    first of all welcome back dude
    second thanks for tagging me i just saw it 😀
    third shu hal sensual 10 pleasure 😛 rawa2 like the others said
    bas ya3ny jama3et el 2anawat ray2een kaman , mou bas el shaghooor
    lakan 7aBeeBy 😛