Protect your email address from SPAM!


I thought I would share with you some tips on how to protect your email from Spam and Spammers.

Is your email address on a web site?

If so, it can be harvested by data-mining robots that traverse the Internet, following an endless sea of links. This section offers tips to avoid leaving your email address vulnerable for the taking.

Tip 1 – Scripted email links

You can “hide” your email address from the spam bots by creating it with JavaScript.

Add this script to the body of your page:


  • Enter your domain name where it says yourdomain in the script.
  • Enter your email handle where it says you in the script.

But there is a little problem here which is – if the user doesn’t have the JavaScript Enabled in the browser it won’t work.

Tip 2 – Unicode

I think this way is the easiest to use.

You can “hide” your email address from the spam bots by creating it with Unicode. As with the JavaScript link, this is a link to your email address that email spam bots do not “see” as an email address.

Here is a link to a page that creates the Unicode for you. Just type in your email address and the text you want displayed for the link, then click “Unicode it”. On the next page, the code will be available in the page source (Right Click –> View Source).

Tip 3 – Forms

If there is a form that submits to your email address, most likely your email address is in the code as a “hidden field”. Usually something like

This address in the hidden field can be incorporated into the script that processes the form. This step will protect your address. In the above case, you would add the following line to the script recipients = “”.

I hope that this tip helped you out