100 Oldest .COM domain names

Heh … Yes as you heard … the oldest web sites in the world 🙂

Take a look here : 100 Oldest .COM domain names

  • Baher

    Intersting list, most of it populated by big companies.

  • Linux Juggler
  • Stellar

    This is actually cool… I wonder how these websites looked like back then… 😀

  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Thank you all for passing by 🙂

    Linux Juggler …. this is really awseome! Thank you very much for the very intresting web site! it is so so so coool 😀

    Wow a completely free IDE for .Net! These guys really great people putting all of this effort and give it to us FREE! …. we have to help them man.
    BTW: Do you work in any open source project?


  • Linux Juggler

    if you read my Blog you may notice that am working in a small project,Linux LiveCD based on Fedora Core 3 with a small size,this is number 1.
    second : i prefer that you make your BTW like this : Do you work in any GNU GPL Project?
    then i will tell you that i have many Idea’s but most of it like reinvinting the wheel…
    for Example:i was thinking in Blog System or Blog Hoster project but you can go to WP or WPC edition if you would like a big and good one..
    not like my one.
    and as you can see or saw am using the normal blogger system in my site.

    are u thinking in doing any projects?

  • Linux Juggler

    you have to know that OpenSource Project is not like GNU GPL one.
    you have to read and understand the deference b4 you try to use any thing bcoz ur dealing with license…
    For example the main IDEA in GPL is :”once free always free”.
    and thats not always true in Open Source Project read the 4 free point of GPL and the 10 point of Open Source..
    try this to understand and get some idea:
    and the main sites:

    and you may read this i dont know if you did:

    thats all right now,and i think that will let you busy for sometimes.


  • Hasan Bazerbashi

    Thanks again man 😉

    Good luck in your porject.

    I know some about GPL and GNU … but I’m gonna read about it more. I know that you can’t sell it for example 😛

    Nice to have you around man.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Linux Juggler

    you said:”I know that you can’t sell it for example :P”
    wrong answer … 😉

    you can sell and buy it as long as you let it GPL …
    and when i said “once Free always Free” i didnt meant free of charge …

    free as in freedome as in free speach not as in free coffee ..

    this missundertsand is the biggest misstake …
    read and remember that you have to copmare it with opensource so that you can understand it …

    if yuo didnt get the idea tell me so that i can give you a hint

  • Linux Juggler

    so what?
    any new ideas?
    no more talk ?