Playstation 3 Unveiled!

Maybe you want to wait before you buy Xbox 360 🙂 Because Sony PlayStation 3 is coming and it is great!

We are promised that with the new PS3 we will have a Movies like effects and quality.

PS3 is gonna be the home entertainment and a Media Center for a decade I think.

PS3 is so powerfull and has the new Technology Cell Processor which is designed by Sony and Toshiba together.

For the PS3 Specifications check what Wikipedia has for us : HERE

It just has everything … Wi-Fi, bluetooth, Ethernet …etc.

There is one thing that PS3 has more than the Xbox 360, which is surfing the Internet 🙂 .. That what I heard.

This is how the new Cell Processor looks like: HERE

Some Screenshots from PS3 games: HERE and HERE

Hope you like it.

Cya 😉